SOLD 392# S&S Double Horn Anvil

Sold 08-30-2022


392 pound South German style double horn with upsetting block. Made by S&S, Sichelschmidt und Schlasse in 1953. S&S anvils are made from cast steel and are of very high quality much like some cast steel Swedish anvils out there. This anvil has excellent rebound with a near mirror smooth face. Edges have some minor chips. Marked 178kgs. See pictures.


Length” 39 5/16″

Height: 14 1/4″

Face: 4 3/4″

Price: $2,300

Shipping available at buyers expense.


  • Beautiful. S/S anvils have never been cast that I am aware of. They are the finest Forged anvils on the planet.

    • Wizard

      Yes, S&S ( Sichelschmidt und Schlasse ) anvils are cast steel with a tool steel face. I have owned several. You may be thinking of S&H ( Soding und Halbach ) anvils which are forged with an exception of so very few that where cast during WW2. I have one of four known examples myself.

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