25 Ton Gilmore Press for Sale

Wizard’s Workshop & Forge  · Up for SALE is my 25 ton Gilmore Hydraulic Forging Press. I purchased this new in 2018. Still runs just like when new. This unit has the upgraded locking casters, rolls easily on cement floors and locks securely in place. 220 volt 30 amp. It has a 50 amp plug on it so that it can run off a standard welding outlet. Included with it is: Combination Dies, Squaring Die Set Straight Flat Die Set3 pair of blank die plates for your customization needs. Unit weighs 1075 pounds. To see more info on this press please go to Gilmores webpage.


Price is $4,750 (new is $7,995).

FOR SALE 251 Pound Anvil


251 Pound North German Style Single Horn made by German Company Friedtich Wilhelm Durre Sohne. Anvil is stamped with “FWDs”. Unknown when it was made. This anvil is in excellent condition with very crisp edges and a very smooth horn. Face has very minor pitting. Rebound is also excellent at 95%+.


Weight: 251 pounds, it is marked 115 kgs

Length: 27″

Height: 12″

Face: 5 3/16″

Hardie: 1″

Price: $2,200

Shipping is available at buyers expense.

SOLD 25 Pound Little Giant Power Hammer

SOLD 03/24/2023

25 Pound Little Giant Power Hammer

This Little Giant (LG) is the Old Style with a modified frame to accept a new/used Sow/Die Block.

The LG serial #311 was first sold on 1-30-1910 in South Dakota to TJ Wilson. It was FULLY Rebuilt in 2010 by Steven Prillwitz who is the number 2 rebuilder behind only Sid Suedmeier (Mister Little Giant himself!).

New Parts used on rebuild:

New Babbitt Bearings poured

Brass Lined Wraparound Guide

Toggle Links, Arms and Pins

Main Spring

Die and Sow Block Keys

Treadle Rod & Bolt

Clutch Relined

1 H.P. 220 volt Motor

Motor Mounts

New Shims for Top Bearings and Guide

The LG has been upgraded with the Two Piece Die System which includes 3 sets of dies: Flat, Fullering and Texturing.

It also has been upgraded with grease fittings installed on the Clutch Fork Bolt, Clutch Collar and Foot Treadle Pin.

Since it has been in use here I have put around 250 hours on it. It runs just as smooth now as when I received it from Steven Prillwitz.

Some may ask why I’m selling such a great machine? I had upgraded to a larger pneumatic hammer.

This LG has been very well maintained since I took the Little Giant rebuilding class put on by Sid back in 2014.

Price: $5,500

Shipping is available at buyers expense. That would include a custom pallet, the one it’s sitting on is just for moving it around here.

FOR SALE 444 Pound South German Style Double Horn Anvil


444 Pound South German Style Double horn with side shelf and upsetting block. This anvil was made by S&S (Sichelschmidt und Schlasse) in 1949. This excellent cast steel anvil has a face that is as smooth as glass with minor chipping on the edges. Rebound is also fantastic.


Weight: 444 pounds, marked 202kgs

Length: 39 1/2″

Height: 14 1/2″

Face: 4 5/”

Hardy: 1 1/8″

Prichel: 3/4″

Price: $3,000

Shipping is available at buyers expense.

For sale 605# North German Style Double Horn Anvil


605 pound North German style double horn. This anvil has excellent rebound with a near glass smooth face. The edges do have some chips. This anvil have some repairs in the past with nickel rod. The repaired areas do appear to be done professionally and have held up very well. The feet under the horn have been shaved off a little bit with a cutting torch in the past, I imagine so it would fit a certain anvil stand. See pictures. No manufactures stamps that I could find. It appears this could be a cast steel anvil much like a S&S or a Swedish made anvil.


Weight: 605 pounds

Length: 43 1/4″

Height: 14 3/4″

Face: 6 7/8″

Price: $2,800

Shipping is available at buyers expense.

Contact Information

The contact info linked here on this page is not working at this time. Messages only sometimes make it to my email and then they are unanswerable for some reason.
Please use my personal email here:
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Thank You
Steven Jacobs

New Stock Is Here!

My shipment from Austria has arrived and has been inventoried in. Most anvils are over 300 pounds and they are very high quality German and Swedish made. I still have a few English anvils from a shipment back in December.

2-300 pound range: 2 anvils

3-400 pound range: 10 anvils

4-500 pound range: 7 anvils

5-600 pound range: 1 anvil

6-700 pound range: 3 anvils

700+ range: 1

4 sawyers anvils

There is 9 swage blocks from England and Germany.

If you see a anvil that you want more info on just drop me a line here or call me at 559-760-1601 (10AM to 6PM PST). I will be putting pictures of individual anvils and equipment with prices later.

Directions for CBA Workshop/Meeting

Our FIRST meeting/Workshop is just a week from tomorrow on December 10th. Here are the directions to Wizard’s Workshop & Forge:
From Oakhurst take Hwy 41 north towards Yosemite.
Right after you pass Road 222 the Bass Lake turn off look for Road 620, it has a left turn lane.
Take Road 620 for 1.7 miles to Old Yosemite Road, turn left.
Go 1/4 mile to Old Stage Way, turn right.
Go 1/4 mile to Old Stage Ct., turn right.
Go to top of hill, driveway on right.
Address, 48599 Old Stage Ct
Head to large gray metal building and park out front there.
Any problems finding us? My cell 559-760-0092

Yosemite Area CBA

Greetings and Welcome!

This page is to help all of you who are current and new members of the California Blacksmith Association that have been meeting and doing workshops in Mariposa CA. As some of you know Bob Ringrose’s health has gotten to the point he can no longer host our monthly meetings there in Mariposa. The October 8th meeting will be the last one at Bob’s and our meetings will resume at a new location just north of Oakhurst on December 10th. There will be no meeting in November. Your new host will be Steven “Jake” Jacobs and you can contact him here on this page by using the “Contact” function or by calling his cell at   559-760-0092.

Since our members come from a wide area, Clovis, Fresno, North Fork, Oakhurst, Bootjack, Mariposa, Merced, El Portal and a few places in between and further I felt a name change to Yosemite Area for our group was appropriate.

For those of you that are new to blacksmithing and are interested in joining the CBA please follow the link attached for further information.

CBA is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to educating smiths and preserving the art and craft of blacksmithing.

Directions to the new location will be posted later.


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