• Meibao Nee

    Happy to see ironworkers here in Mariposa! Please keep me informed on what’s going on. I’d love help setting up my forge…not that I’m an ironworker, but I love the craft and would like it available to my grandchildren and other youngsters.

    • Wizard

      Thank You for you comment! Had some computer issues and should be back up and running real soon! You will be seeing mostly blacksmithing equipment for sale here along with what’s going on at my little shop.

  • rick

    Hi, Im looking for a German forged 450 to 650# , North or South. Regards RickB of SoDakota

    • Wizard

      Hi Rick!

      I do have several in that category. One of which is 615 pound North German Style double horn in great condition. I’ll post a pic of it on the web page tomorrow along with full specs of it. And a few more too!

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